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  • 1988 Fondly remembered for The Diamond’s best release of his less than lack-luster solo career. Steve Vai starts the disc out with a chicken pickin guitar opening that is least expected but he remains intune to where Roth is headed and explains why Vai was easily meant to support Roth instead of you know who. Vai and Roth sink deep into Pop territory for Just like Paradise while flexing their metal muscle on Knucklebones.Vai’s fifth grade composition Damn Good comes off with some Damn good results and the title track —- contrary to other reviewers finds Vai’s backward masking and recording quite adventurous for its time and if listened to with the proper surround sound equiptment will leave the listener in Awe.Perfect Timing is an excellent song that stands well on its own and should have been a single.Its competition OU812 flounders in comparrision to this Pop Metal Masterpiece.

    Posted on February 20, 2010