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Bin 11639. Special limited edition of the band’s new albumincludes a six track bonus disc of live acoustic versions ofhits performed in Singapore in 1995: ’Armageddon It’, ’TwoSteps Behind’, ’From The Inside’, ’Animal’, ’When Love &Hate Collide’ and ’Pour Some Sugar On Me’. 11 track CD album’Truth?’, ’Turn To Dust’, ’Slang’, ’All I Want Is Everything’Work It Out’, ’Breathe A Sigh’, ’Deliver Me’, ’Gift OfFlesh’, ’Blood Runs Cold’, ’Where Does Love Go When It Dies’and ’Pearl Of Euphoria’.***1996 German release.Somewhere along their musical path, Def Leppard shed their raw, youthful rock aggression and became a pop band. Their new direction, beginning with Pyromania and continuing with Hysteria and Adrenalize, was a complete departure from their earlier, stripped-down, AC/DCish approach, and it vaulted them to mega-stardom. Slang is their first record without producer ”Mutt” Lange since their debut, On Through the Night. The good news is that it’s a much more organic, less overproduced record than they would have made with Lange, but it’s still more pop than hard rock. Dance beats and funky riffs, with no shortage of slower power ballads, sum up this record pretty thoroughly. The single ”Work It Out” has a nice strong chorus (with almost Sebadoh-like harmonies) and is certainly less bombastic than past hits like ”Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Def Leppard have long since abandoned their heavy metal roots, but with Slang they’ve at least moved away from the studio dominance of Lange, and that’s a step in the right direction. –Adem Tepedelen

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  • Sure, Slang is a bit of a departure for Def Leppard, and no, it doesn’t sound like a “fun” record at all, but who ever said a band should stick to one sound, and only one sound?
    By the time Slang was released, Def Leppard was one of the biggest bands in the world. They had weathered personnel changes,
    a death in the band, and the horrible accident that took the arm of Rick Allen, thier drummer. But still they were big, and very strong. They still are, but when Slang was released they took a chance and put out an album that was dark, and moody. It may not have sold a zillion copies, but it was, and still is, very, very good! The title song, Work it Out, and All I want is everything are three of my favorite Leppard songs. There is nothing at all wrong with an artist making some changes, and putting out something different. An artist must figure (and rightly so) that even if they don’t pick up any new fans, the old ones (the true fans) will give the new work a listen and most likely find something they like in the new stuff. I did. I’ve enjoyed Slang since its release and think it’s one of the band’s best. If you’re new to Def Leppard (where have you been hiding?) then please listen to something else before Slang. You might be just a bit put off by it. But, if you are a casual fan, and looking to expand your collection, then by all means, give Slang a listen. The difference will grab you. And to all you people who think Def Leppard died with Steve Clarke, wake the hell up!

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I really can’t believe this CD never got any more publicity or airplay than it did. True it was a completely different sound from anything Def Lep had done before but the tunes on here sounded so much like what was getting played on the rock stations of the mid-late nineties that you would think it would have been a hit. I wonder sometimes had they released this under a different band’s name what would have happened. Seems almost like rock radio was prejudiced against Def Leppard because hair-metal, arena rock was pretty much dead by the mid-nineties. They were trying to go in a more modern direction but their fans from the 80’s didn’t like this new direction and the alt-rock fans pictured them as a hair metal band so they were left with no audience. There are some really strong songs on here like “Work It Out”, “Slang”, “All I want is Everything”. “Blood Runs Cold” is a great slower song. “Truth is a great alt-rock song. Yes, alt-rock. Nothing hair metal about this song. People should give this CD a chance. It’s really good.

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is a great addition to a Def Leppard collection. A new sound for the British band. Experimentation in the indeustrial sounds suit this band well.. but their die hard fans won’t care for it. The bonus CD with the unplugged show is phenominal! A must have for all hard core Def Lep fans!

    Posted on November 27, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Slang, in my humble but accurate opinion, is Def Leppard’s masterpiece. It’s the album that made me a true fan. Music needs substance for me to appreciate it, and it’s testament to Leppard’s strong songwriting skills that I was a fan before Slang, because up until then, substance seemed to be something they were deliberately avoiding. Joe called the music “Deep and meaningless”.
    This album has been called an attempt at “modern music”, and it may have been, but that’s only half of it. Modern elements, like industrial, R&B, rap, and Indian styles were blended, but the upshot of incorporating so many styles gave the album a quality the band hadn’t captured before: variety. Not one of these songs sounds alike, and if it wasn’t that this was Leppard’s only CD daring enough to try variety, you’d guess they were all from different albums.
    Before Slang, you could count the number of Leppard songs actually about something on two fingers (as far as I know, “From the Inside” and “White Lightning”, with “Gods of War” coming close). Whether these songs on Slang were genuinely autobiographical, whether they were aimed at encompassing a theme or inadvertently tapped into insights the band had been storing subconsciously, they resonate on so many levels. When the lyrics are really good we get songs like “Truth?”, probably the most daring song Leppard has done, musically and lyrically; “All I Want Is Everything”, the band’s most underrated and exceptional ballad yet (my favorite interpretation of the song is that it’s about an AIDS victim); and even the most vacuously worded song on the album, “Breathe a Sigh”, is still witty, poigant, and popsmart enough that if it had been released by any band but Leppard, it would have shot straight to number one.
    Which brings me to another point. Slang didn’t sell phenomenally well because of a stigma built up against glam and arena rock. It’s sad that Leppard tucked their tails and returned to chewing their 80s bubblegum wad because with another solid release like this they could have struck down the stigma and established themselves as a band of meaning. The ultimate irony is that the next two albums, Euphoria and X, haven’t sold Slang’s 3million worldwide *combined*.
    If I sound bitter, I am. There aren’t many bands out there capable of this level of songwriting. Joe has said they’re trying to compete with the Mariah Carey’s of the world, and let’s be honest, Mariah Carey only wishes she could write a song as popsmart as “Breathe a Sigh”. Hell, let’s get back to the Metal genre and suggest Metallica could write a song as rock steady and hummable as “Work It Out”; I know, I’m shaking my head too. But the irony is, until Slang, I wouldn’t have expected Leppard were capable of it either.

    Posted on November 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Def Leppard took the old phrase and lived by it with this CD. In response to the dark grunge music that was flooding the airwaves and MTV at the time, Def Leppard showed they could easily run with the dark masses from Seattle. Slang is complete departure from Leppard’s previous work and shows just how versatile and talented these guys really are. You want grunge, they can give it to you, and it’s really good too. Hey guys, can you do some country? (just kidding) Slang is dark, moody, and some what disturbing. The fact this album is better overall musically then many of the grunge bands shows that grunge is a fad, and will eventually die out, leaving the really talented bands in place progressively developing their own music. This CD may have been a marketing mistake for the band, but it still has plenty of merit, and anyone who truly likes them will see past the change of pace and see what is really great about Slang.

    Posted on November 26, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now