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  • Def Leppard took the old phrase and lived by it with this CD. In response to the dark grunge music that was flooding the airwaves and MTV at the time, Def Leppard showed they could easily run with the dark masses from Seattle. Slang is complete departure from Leppard’s previous work and shows just how versatile and talented these guys really are. You want grunge, they can give it to you, and it’s really good too. Hey guys, can you do some country? (just kidding) Slang is dark, moody, and some what disturbing. The fact this album is better overall musically then many of the grunge bands shows that grunge is a fad, and will eventually die out, leaving the really talented bands in place progressively developing their own music. This CD may have been a marketing mistake for the band, but it still has plenty of merit, and anyone who truly likes them will see past the change of pace and see what is really great about Slang.

    Posted on November 26, 2009