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  • I really can’t believe this CD never got any more publicity or airplay than it did. True it was a completely different sound from anything Def Lep had done before but the tunes on here sounded so much like what was getting played on the rock stations of the mid-late nineties that you would think it would have been a hit. I wonder sometimes had they released this under a different band’s name what would have happened. Seems almost like rock radio was prejudiced against Def Leppard because hair-metal, arena rock was pretty much dead by the mid-nineties. They were trying to go in a more modern direction but their fans from the 80’s didn’t like this new direction and the alt-rock fans pictured them as a hair metal band so they were left with no audience. There are some really strong songs on here like “Work It Out”, “Slang”, “All I want is Everything”. “Blood Runs Cold” is a great slower song. “Truth is a great alt-rock song. Yes, alt-rock. Nothing hair metal about this song. People should give this CD a chance. It’s really good.

    Posted on November 27, 2009