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  • It has been exactly 48:42 minutes since I bought the album (plus the time taken to write this review). I found the band on Amazon, saw the six 5-star reviews, and decided to take the plunge and buy the album.

    Now let me say that although I’m into melodeath bigtime, I’ve never been a huge fan of folk metal. I however do occassionally listen to soft folk rock like The Corrs. So I was stunned, no, OVERWHELMED, when I heard Eluveitie blend folk elements so seamlessly with melodic death metal.

    There are flutes, oh yes. Violins? Think so. Plus a bunch of other funny (albeit pleasant) noises too. All together with melodious guitar lines and great vocals (there’s even one with female vocals). The net output is a whole new level of awesomeness, which is quite surprising from a relatively unknown band.

    So, while my review is clearly not what might be considered well-thought out, I wanted to “weigh in” here on how cool this album is. If you like melodic death metal, you’re going to LOVE this. In fact, the track ‘Bloodstained Ground’ would have almost been indistinguishable from a Dark Tranquillity track (but then the incredible folk stuff kicked in :P ).

    Recommended tracks: Inis Mona, Bloodstained Ground, hell… all of them :) .

    PS: It’s the not-yet-popular bands like these that need your support (and money) the most! Please please buy the album if you like it after listening to a few of the songs.

    Posted on December 5, 2009