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Slaughter of the Soul

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  • Not too many bands can reunite around a 13 year old album and have it be as crushing as anything contemporary to that time. ATG proved to do just that, spending the summer of 2008 on a reunion tour based largely on the popularity of this album.

    This album provided the template for which most, if not all, modern melodic death metal is based. Without this album there wouldn’t be many of the melodeath metal bands that subsequently came out afterwards, nor would there be the whole NWOAHM movement on the opposite side of the Atlantic. This album was well ahead of its time and the only thing regrettable about it is that the band who released it broke up soon after it was put out. I can’t fathom what ATG may have done afterwards, though I’d like to imagine it as a more metal/less punk version of Disfear, and even then that’s still pretty B.A.

    The title track is great, but all of the tracks on this album deliver a shot in the arm like drinking 15 glasses of coffee at once. The bonuses are pretty cool too and even features a cover of Slayer’s “Captor of Sin.” That in itself is pretty rad.

    I recommend this album to all fans of metal as well as any music fan that wants to know what GOOD metal should sound like.

    Posted on March 14, 2010