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Slave to the Grind

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  • When Nirvana became huge and forever changed the face of rock, bands that had been huge were instantly killed overnight. A lot of these bands were awful (Slaughter, Trixter) and the world was better off without them. But some bands were unfairly thrown to the wolves. Any hint of being a pop-metal band was the kiss of death in ‘92. Unfortunately for Skid Row, many lumped the band in with the hair-metal crowd, and they were one of grunge’s causalities. This was a real shame, because Skid Row was a great band, and their sophomore album “Slave to the Grind” remains great record.

    I would argue that Skid Row was second only to Guns N’ Roses, as the best hard rock/metal band of the late 80s, early 90s. Skid Row was one of the last few bands, before the rise of the popularity of Grunge, to have some originality and creativity. Their self titled debut album was a little generic, but it still rocked harder than most of their peers (Warrant, Poison) and is a classic 80s rock debut. But it was their second album “Slave to the Grind” that Skid Row really took off.

    “Slave to the Grind” is far heavier and meaner than the debut album. It sounds like “Appetite For Destruction” era Guns N’ Roses meets Pantera. The songs are heavy, and in-your-face, yet also highly melodic, and filled with killer solos. Singer Sebastian Bach has a very distinct set of pipes that make him unique and set him apart from all the generic David Lee Roth wannabe singers from the late 80s. Snake Sabo may not be the most gifted guitar player ever, but he sure came up with terrific, catchy riffs and solos.

    It’s hard to choose any standouts, because really the whole CD rocks, top to bottom. This is easily one of the best metal albums of all-time. Unlike the debut album, this album doesn’t sound dated. It sounds as good today as it did in ‘91. I would highly recommend this CD to hard rock/metal fans.

    Posted on December 18, 2009