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Slave to the Grind

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  • ok. let me begin with a disclaimer: i do not, in any way, shape, or form, condone eighties hair metal (featuring, Poison and their ilk). but i like Skid Row. A LOT. and it kind of [irritates] me off that such a great hard rock band is so carelessly lumped in with all of that other spandex/hairspray trash. so Sebastian Bach had great hair. so what? he also had a great voice. no, INCREDIBLE. breathtaking. moving, emotional, expressive, clear, POWERFUL, big and beautiful. just a few adjectives. for those of you who denounced the Skids after listening to their admittedly weaker debut, don’t pass them off for Bon Jovi just yet. other than the obvious “Youth Gone Wild,” “Eighteen & Life,” and “I Remember You” (guilty aural pleasures for anyone who was seventeen in the summer of 1989), the debut was really no more that pop metal fluff with a little bit of an extra edge on what everyone else was doing. so do yourself a favor and give “Slave to the Grind” the chance it deserves. For me, this record almost surpasses “Appetite for Destruction” by the late, great Guns’N'Roses. With the exception of 2 weak songs, “Riot Act” and “Creepshow,” there is truly not a dull moment. This album was Skid Row’s rite of passage, their coming into their own in the rock world. it’s a representation of their departure from the generic metal of their debut. Yeah, the hard songs kick, big time. But no matter how hardcore a rocker you are, there is absolutely no denying “In a Darkened Room” and “Wasted Time.” Oh, my God. I had always thought Sebastian Bach was hot. I ain’t gon’ lie. But it really wasn’t until i heard his voice on these two songs, pleading, bleeding, needing, and tortured, that i really fell in love with the man. he is just spectacular. these two songs are my idea of exactly what a song should be. no matter what’s going on, as long as they’re playing, all is KOOL in my world. so, in conclusion to my rather lengthy review (i love this record so much that i didn’t even say a quarter of what i’d wanted to), i just want to say that you would be doing yourself a great injustice if you didn’t get this record. you owe it to yourself! (and to Sebastian just because of that voice of his. LOVE YOU, BAZ!!!) Did i go over 1,000 words?

    Posted on December 18, 2009