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Slave to the System

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  • Dear Slave to the System,

    Thank you for creating an album worth listening to! I have grown SO tired of the mindless, dull, and boring “new rock” sound that the past decade has produced.

    Finally, a band enters the scene with nothing to lose and they have won, musically. In their self-titled debut, Slave to the System has produced an album worthy of industry award recognition. From the opening riff of Stigmata to the ghostly melody of Walk the Line, Slave to the System has found a sound that is both unique and modern. They have harnessed a multitude of styles and talents and blended them into something original this reviewer has not heard in years.

    Damon Johnson is the quintessential rock n’ roll frontman and he shares the microphone with stage counterpart, Kelly Gray, who wails a mean (and by mean, I mean great) voice on Cruise Out of Control and Ragdoll. This album is like a playground for lovers of great rock n’ roll.

    Slave to the System’s debut album has left this reviewer wanting more. I hear a follow up album is already near completion…and I can’t wait to pick it up!

    Posted on December 1, 2009