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Slave to the System

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Emmure - Slave To The Game - Full Track-By-Track Album Review!

Emmure - Slave To The Game 1. Insert Coin - this is just a 30 second intro of someone putting a coin into arcade machine in a store. *2. Protoman - This was the first single released. It is probably one of the best songs on the album. It has a riff in it which is something that Emmure doesn't usually include in their songs. Frankie's vocals are much better then any other Emmure album. at the 1:47 point the song slows down into a slower breakdown and then comes Frankie's build up vocals. Then it goes into this high riff and then into the outro breakdown. 3. She Gave Her Heart To Deadpool - Starts out with a breakdown as usual then into the verse with many pinch harmonix sounds. Then it gets in to Frankie's build up vocals into another breakdown and then ends. *4. I Am Onslaught - This was the second single released from the album. It is another one of the best songs on the album. at 1:23 it gets into this really cool breakdown then the breakdown slows down and then goes into the chorus. At the end the really slow down the tempo with another outro breakdown. *5. Bison Diaries - This is a really cool song. 25 seconds into the song the breakdown turns into this Born of Osiris type breakdown for only a short amount of time. There are a lot of weird eery background sounds during this song. This is also one of the best on the album. 6. Plotergeist - This is a one minute prelude track with screaming and a little religious prayer. *7. Cross Over Attack - This song starts off sounding almost like a old school punk song then it gets into the usual Emmure breakdown. Then the guitar sound moves from speaker to speaker then into what could be the best breakdown of the entire album. at the 1:55 point they get into a slow breakdown then into a cool transition that you dont usually hear from Emmure then into the chorus. Then into the outro breakdown. This is another really good track off this album. 8. Umar Dumps Dormammu - Starts off with a usual Emmure breakdown then into wierd eery guitar skueels then into this very short phone call then into another breakdown with the squeeling guitar over top. Then to end the song the have a soft rock beat with the pinch harmonics with some base over top. 9. Blackheart Reigns - Song starts out with a breakdown with some cool high pitched guitar sounds over it. Then into a faster beat then back into the breakdown. Then into a big build up and then into a cool vocal break that a new breakdown. then the song ends. 10. MDMA - this song starts off really slow with then gets into the typical emmure sound. There is a pretty cool melody in this song that really stands out. Then at the end the music stops and the vocals keep going and it really makes the ending interesting. 11. War Begins With You - Starts off with a intro breakdown then into the first verse. There is a really cool kind of progresive beat in this song that sounds really cool but then again it only goes on for a short amount of time. Then it ends with another outro breakdown. 12. A.I. - This is a perfect last song for this album. It starts off with some cool effects on the drums then into a slow breakdown. This breakdown pretty much goes on through the entire song then ends with a cool fad out. So... I went it this album thinking it was going to be much worse then Speaker of the dead but I was wrong. The guitar work on this album is at its best. There are many cool melodies in this album that really catch your ear. Frankie's vocals are also at its best. His vocals have really seemed to get alot heavier. he is still the master of build ups. So overall I think this is a good record by emmure. Some parts are really typical and a little boring but that is Emmure for you. They really seemed to get alot heavier at some parts. The music is alot more deathcore on this album compared to Speaker of the dead where you could hear some parts that kinda sounded a little metalcorey. Emmure is getting more populare each album they put out and this is going to get them even more populare. The rating I am gaving this album is 7/10 The best songs on this album are... Protoman I am onslaught Bison Diaries Plotergeist make sure to buy the album when it comes out on April 10th 2012. thanks for tuning in and please subscribe.


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