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Sleep's Holy Mountain

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  • and that’s quite what it is, but with a bigger sounds that leans more towards the metal spectrum than rock in terms of rock and heavyness.

    the vocals are real gruff but intelligible like a rough bellow or a strong shout there’s a fair amount of ’singing’ which sounds great as well. the lyrics are spacey and stick with the themes of the songs(flying into the sun, riding dragons, stoner caravans, etc.) both fit the music very well.

    the music sounds like black sabbath, but with a stronger emphasis on their heavier nature. if you liked volume four, and like a lot of fans of heavy music, you probably want more. this album takes what vol.4 did and runs with it, and as a huge fan of sabbath, i couldn’t be happier.

    sometimes i think it would be nice if the music had a bigger production, like that of high on fire’s art of self-defense(matt pike’s new band, if you like sleep and venom go check them out) or dopesmoker. it would be absolutely killer.

    as it is, the sound isn’t horrible, you can hear everything fine and it doesn’t really detract from the experience, it just makes me wonder how much better it could’ve been with a ‘proper’ sound.

    Posted on January 17, 2010