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  • Slipknot is, well, they are real. These 9 guys from Iowa are as scarry or as real as they can get. I don’t mean their disturbingly creepy/cool masks, I mean their music. The lyrics that the absolutely amazing vocalist Corey Taylor(‘8′ as his band ID suggests) sings out from behind that mask only make sense in this truly diluted world. With every single word the listener can hear his pain. In ‘Scissors’ he goes into a sort of trance of insanity where he seems to cry and laugh maniacly at the same time while singing “life,time” over and over again. With every single one of those we feel like he is really hurting. And this is something only a few bands can do (or have done in case of KoRn-they still have a chance people! ). The two percussionists 6-Shawn and 3-Chris are absolutely amazing and original. Same with 1-Joey. Every member of this incredible band is 101 percent with the music, everyone knows their instrument. They even have 0-Sid, a DJ who kicks some major MTV DJ Scribble ass. Now how often do you see that in a metal band. The tag team of guitars coming out of 4-James and 7-Mick are really vivid and it really shows that these guys are on their game. Let’s not forget the pig masked 2-Paul and 5-Craig. Paul makes some nice sounds come out of his piece and Craig does an incredible job of putting out some creepy sounds. This band is definetly original and the sound they bring out makes you want to go truly nuts. My favorite songs on this CD are the ones where Corey actually sings and the way he can switch between the screaming out loud death sound to a pain filled melody is incredible. This would be ‘Wait and Bleed, Me Inside, Prosthetics, Dilutedm, and Scissors.’. But the CD’s best is Me Inside. And while you listen to Scissors and actually let the track run, you will find a sickeningly hilarious recording which will make you laugh and realize that these guys are just liek everyone else. They are human. Final words, Slipknot’s music shines in today’s too much misuderstood world. These guys are real and the lyrics that come out of Corey’s mouth are real. It might be hard to get used to but if you listen to it with an open mind, you will quickly realize you are listening to truly amazing music. This should be 10 stars but unfortunately I can only give 5. This is a really meaningful album. Slipknot is here to stay for a while, you can be sure abbout that.

    Posted on January 4, 2010