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  • I like this album. No, that dosen’t mean I need a lecture on what good music is or a list of death and black metal bands that are heavier or darker. Chances are whatever you could recommend is probably already sitting next to this Slipknot album in my cd case right now. I’m not here to say Slipknot is the greatest, heaviest band in the world or anything like that, but I do think this album is far better than people give it credit for.

    With this release Slipknot manage to blend elements of Thrash and Industrial into the typically stoic nu-metal style to make what is, in my estimation, a pretty good album. The riffs are heavy and aggressive, not the most technical playing you’ll ever hear but it fits the overall sound well. Joey Jordinson is probably the highlight of this band, his skill level is top tier. There are quite a few better drummers than him but he does have substantial talent. Corey Taylor isn’t what I would count as an amazing vocalist, but he has heart and intensity, which he gets by on. This album isn’t without it’s faults but everyone else has pretty much covered that so I won’t go into great detail on the matter. Turntables, Simple Progressions and a somewhat cheesy theme and appearence are basically the key points of the problems.

    Overall, this is far from the best album in the world but it’s not terrible either. I am of the belief that Black and Death Metal are superior to Slipknot, however Slipknot is a great 1st step into the realm of extreme metal and toward those genres.

    Posted on January 4, 2010