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  • Now I am not only here to write a review on this album but also to say a few things to the people who write one & two stars review for this album, now everybody is alowed there own opinion obviously, but i’m just going to view my side, somebody who wrote a 1 star review for this album said slipknot sounds like theres only two guys in the band instead of 9, That is a bit dramatized but also true sometimes it sounds like there is maybe 4 guys in the band instead of 9,and i think james(A.K.A. number 4) & mick(a.k.a number 7) aren’t the next kirk hammet(metallica) & kerry king(slayer) but there pretty good, the DJ sid (a.k.a number 0) gives the band a bad wrap for a lame reason somebody who doesn’t listen to slipknot says wow look they have a dj there rap/rock posers like linkin park & limp bizkit! this couldn’t be more from the truth theres very few rap influences on this album other then maybe spit it out & liberate.Craig (a.k.a number 5) really i see no purpose in the band for him you can barely hear his work on this album other then maybe eyeless and tattered & torn. Now the bassist paul is probably my least favorite member he isn’t the greatest bassist and i can barely hear his bass period and they even said KoRn was a big influence on them but then paul burns a picture of them on stage. Now i wish the two percussionist chris (a.k.a number 3) & Shawn B.k.a clown ( or number 6) had more involvment in this album there great when you hear them but you don’t hear them that much. Now the drummer joey (a.k.a number 1) is an awesome drummer one of the best in there genre. Now the final member vocals corey talor (a.k.a number 8) either you love his vocals or you hate them and personally i lvoe his vocal style. and a reviewer who gave this album 1 star or was rating what he thought was “commercial” music in a listamania said he heard wait & bleed on mtv every two minutes but i have a question for him, if you like metal why are you watching mtv ” every two minutes?” Now here’s my review on the album01742617000027 – 4/5 AN ORIGINAL opening the title of it comes from the bar code on there ep release ” mate, feed kill,& repeat” and the people on this song saying ” the whole thing i think is sick” over & over are talking about a charles Manson documentary Sic – 4/5 Good song, Corey taylor’s lyric’s are just very angry and i find them some what inspireing.eyeless – 3.5 a good song but after a while gets annoying, and also the chorus going ” you can’t see california wihtout marlon brando’s eyes” is from when the guys from slipknot were in ny signing there contract some crazy man ran down the street screaming ” you can’t see california without marlon brandon’s eyes”Wait & bleed – 5/5 great choice for a single love the fact that corey sings in this one, and why would mtv play this song its to ‘hard” for mtv’s viewers and mtv won’t play anthing controversial or that won’t give them anymore money.Surfacing – 5/5 another awesome track that will kick your ass and leave you wanting more. The chorus makes me feel like i can get up and kick the world’s ass.Spit it out – 4.5/5 the 2nd single that was BANNED from mtv very good a little rap vocals but just a very littleTattered & torn – 4/5 an odd & short song but i like it you can actually hear what craig is doing in this song.Me inside – 2.5/5 the only song that i don’t care for this song replaced purity which was on the original version. and “me inside was actually only an extra on the digipack version of this album, purity is tons betterLiberate – 10/5 awesome song great lyrics & vocal style one of the bestProsthetics – 4.5/5 another very good song i love the intro to life – 4/5 – vocals could be a bit better and so could the lyrics but joey’s drums kick ass in this onediluted – 5/5 a very sad song (to me) you can feel Corey’s pain in this one. another favorite Only one- 3.5/ good but its over to quicklyScissors – 15/5 My favorite track off this album an amazing 8 + minute ballad amazing sometimes its a heavy kick your ass song the next minute ts a slow & sad song. amazingAll in all this is a great major label debut & if you are considering bying this album by all means do so, not many of the 1 star voters actually sit & listen to the whole album (i’m not saying all don’t) and before i end this i’d like to say this somebody said corey take’s his vocals from the lead singer of mudvayne(another good band) but didn’t mudvayne’s 1st album get released a year after slipknot’s debut was released? (which was produced by clown) and why are all the people who call themselves “actuall metalheads” ( and i think i am one) judging slipknot and trying to categorize them? isn’t that what mtv & the maisntream do? Well in conclusion this a great album and i recommend it. I hope this review could help you. Stay (sic) maggots.

    Posted on January 4, 2010