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  • And again. It’s me. Writing another review.

    742617000027 – 0/5 – Pointless honestly. All it shows is Craig’s sampling skills. Which are good but we’re talking about the song, not the person.

    (sic) – 4/5 – The only thing I have to say about this song is (sic).

    Eyeless – 4/5 – Interesting chorus. Particularly interesting due to the fact that some homeless guy said it. Goes to show that the most random things make good songs. I’m not saying take this approach when writing songs, it worked for this song. I like the middle where it slowed down slightly with Corey’s screeching.

    Wait & Bleed – 5/5 – Great lyrics. Amazing vocals. Corey never seems to dissapoint me with his voice. It’s either growling out vulgarities to prove a point or pumping out heart-felt emotions in the form of the voice of an angel.

    Spit It Out – 5/5 – I like the rap/growl type dealie he does. It’s very suiting for this song. The song has a great riff and the beginning with the growls is just awesome. The end of this song also leaves you wanting to listen to it over and over again.

    Tattered & Torn – 3/5 – I liked the MFKR version so much better. Even though Corey’s vocals are so much hotter than Anders’ are. Anywho. On with the show…

    Frail Limb Nursery – 5/5 – If you don’t understand why I jsut gave this sample dealie a 5, read on. It comes right before the song Purity, and it just adds on to the sickness behind the whole Purity story and why Corey wrote about it. Which leads me to the next song…

    Purity – 5/5 – Heart-felt lyrics with a dollop of Slipknot. It’s a really sad story. If you read up on it and then listen to this song, you’ll feel more emotional towards it.

    Liberate – 5/5 – Overall great song. Even though the beginning kind of sounds like he says “Liberate my bananas…” I laughed so hard when I heard this so for the first time. But it’s a good song overall anyways. Good listen. Guarantee you won’t waste your time.

    Prosthetics- 3/5 – Corey’s lyrics never fail to amaze me. Same goes for this song’s lyrics. But the instrumental parts are just a pain to listen to. Maybe I’m exaggerating, but it’s still not a masterpiece.

    No Life – 5/5 – I love the lyrics to this song. Good everything. There’s no other way to explain it.

    Diluted – 4/5 – Sad lyrics in a way but the song isn’t all that great. Not much more to say about it…

    Only One – 5/5 – Way better than the MFKR version. Thank god they redid this with Corey on vocals. Love the lyrics (as always). Great song. Listen to it.

    Scissors – 10/5 – This song is so sad and amazing I can’t even explain it. It’s just so amazing. I love it.

    Average rating is 4.2 and I’m going to round it up to 5 because I really like this CD and somewhere along my rant of vocals and guitars, I probably messed up on a rating. But this definately deserves a 5.

    Posted on January 4, 2010