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  • Well, first,let me tell you, I usually dislike hard(core) musci like this,but i had heard pretty good things about this i decided to give it a try.The minute (Sic) started playing….I WAS BLOWN AWAY! This album is pure madness,without being just repetitive annoying screaming. The lyrics are deep and hard,and the Corey’s voice is astonishing, he can switch from Screaming to singing in fractions of a second… But my complaint is, I bought this album in August 1999,and buy then, this album inluded an amazing song called PURITY and it did NOT have “Me Inside”, and it didn’t have the slipknot logo at the top either….and it had 15 songs, plus 2 or 3 hidden ones. I bought both albums now, and i can honestly tell you the first version is a LOT better, don’t get me wrong, Me inside is a good song, but it is NOTHING compared to the brilliant PURITY. Well,all in all, this band is not for everyone, but if you like hard music (this is not metal), deep lyrics, great guitar playing and an amazing singer…..then this is a safe bet.

    Posted on January 4, 2010