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Slow Hole to China: Rare and Released

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  • i am torn. this album rocks like no other and i would have give it 5 stars in a second, but they released this thing a few years ago w/ only 12 tracks and now they are re-releasing it? that’s a bunch of b.s. if you ask me! they should have just made a new e.p. with just the new stuff. honestly, while i love the additional tracks, i found it hard to spend over 10 bucks to get what is nearly an identical album to the previous release. why should i spend that much to get 3 new songs?!?!?!

    sure, pitchfork and lost needles was essentially a re-release too, but at least that stuff was from hard to find ep’s from their early days. stuff that you would be hard pressed to find now without paying out the @$$ for it so i am totally cool with that. but to re-release this less than 7 years since the original was released? come on. sounds like a band trying to cash in on something…

    and that is something that i would have never expected this from a band like clutch, who always deliver great album after great album all the while receiving little to no radio play, little promotion, etc., etc. for them to gouge the loyal fans (hey, all clutch fans are loyal fans!!!) is a disgrace! i have seen clutch several times and they always are top notch live, they always put out excellent studio albums, they put the time into releasing rare and out of print material, and all those other things that make them such a cool group of guys! but this is a serious load of donkey crap…for shame, clutch.

    Posted on November 10, 2009