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  • when I first found out that Metallica was going to perform with an orchestra I was a little hesitant. Who would have thought Metallica would ever enter the same building as an orchestra, much less perform with one! When I first played it I was blown away with how much the other instruments accually “filled” Metallica’s sound giving a new edge and fullness. Where some of the Metallica songs started to get bland or the same, the orchestra just creates such a particular sound that it sounds sooooo much better. It has all of the greats from some of the older stuff as well as some new songs. The only drawback I did notice was on the back of the cd. It lists the songs with only part of their name, this was a little misleading when purchasing from a store. Other than that, this cd is a must-have for anyone that has ever heard any Metallica. Even if you havent, this cd is for anyone with a need for metal.

    Posted on January 22, 2010