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  • Oh yes, Humble Pie was a hot band in the seventies, and this album is a consistent, groovy, hard rockin’ effort. It is a satisfying CD from beginning to end, I only wish the jam in “Road Runners” could be stretched much more (you know, the time limitations of the original vynil format.If you know the band, then you know what to expect: blues-based rock ‘n’ roll with great vocals by Steve Marriott. I read somewhere that Humble Pie was the “missing link between Janis Joplin and ACDC”, and it makes some sense. But in this album, you’re gonna find much more of the blues, even though “Sweet Peace and Time” is a hell of a hard rock slab.There are great rockin’ and uplifting songs: ” Hot and Nasty”, “C’mon everybody”, “30 Days in the hole”. That’s precisely the kind of songs the Black Crowes try to write. Well, the original is very good.”You’re so good to me” is a ballad. “Old Time Feeling” a pub acoustic blues (brit pastiche, but that’s ok). “I wonder” is a highly electrified, thunderous-ending slow-blues (running 8 minutes, there’s time for the harmonica solo). “Road Runners” is funky and “The Pusher” rocks hard, in a slow to medium tempo. The vocals are always hot, the guitar riffs and solos right to the point, and some keyboard makes “Hot and Nasty” and “Road Runner” even spicier.That’s it. Great fun for people who like seventies rock’n'roll.

    Posted on February 1, 2010