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  • Have always liked this 1981 live Nazareth album.Also glad to see that one record label had the sense to squeeze this 77 minute show onto one disc,instead of two CD’s,as it has been released before.All sixteen tracks kick ass as far as I’m concerned.Like,”Razamanaz”,Joni Mitchell’s “This Flight Tonight”,”Beggar’s Day”,J.J.Cale’s “Cocaine”,their FM radio staple “Holiday”,”Hair Of The Dog”,”Show No Mercy”,the Yardbird’s “Shapes Of Things”,the unforgetable “Love Hurts”,ZZ Top’s “Tush” and “Morning Dew”.A must-have for all fans of ’70’s hard rock.Line-up:Dan McCafferty-vocals,Manny Charlton-guitar,Pete Agnew-bass,Billy Rankin-2nd guitar,John Locke-keyboards and last but not least Darrell Sweet(R.I.P.)-drums.Long live Nazareth!

    Posted on December 30, 2009