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So Cold

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  • The acoustic version of “SO COLD” is, in my opinion really beautiful. it really shows the bare bones beauty of this song and how great it is and how great this band is. THIS IS A BAND YOU NEED TO KEEP AN EYE OUT. great things are coming down the pike from BB. also on this EP is a song BB did for Halo 2 called, ironically enough, BLOW ME AWAY. this is one really great song. from the start to the end it is both something new while still retaining established BB sound. I love it. Now the third song on this ep is called LADY BUG but it did not really grab me but thats me. i just was not thrilled about this song.
    the last two songs are AWAY & BREAKDOWN both of which are live and both of which are AWESOME and make up for any shortcomings. i will say here and now that if you ever get the chance, you should make an effort to see them live because they are one of the best bands i have seen when it comes to live shows. they completely own the crowd. i have seen them twice and both times they were TFGL (total f- godhead live) which is saying alot because the first time i saw them was opening for monster magnet @ the stone pony in NJ. I lover MM but BB blew them away. they were completly awesome. the second time i saw them headlining the starland ballroom and they were, again, amazing.
    with that said, i leave you with the suggestion that if you like what you have heard from this band through radio or mtv etc..then you have not heard anything. their is much better stuff on album and i reccomend you check it out and like the title says, this ep has live stuff, one acoustic song and two studio songs so you get the total package and out of the 5 songs id say 4 are great. thats pretty good odds.

    Posted on February 16, 2010