Saturday Morning

I woke up, to the sound of my alarm clock going off.Did it really have to go off? It’s Saturday for crying out loud! Slowly I hit the snooze button, getting out of bed. I went to my dresser, scanning them for jeans. When i finally found jeans, I looked for a nice, but not too nice, T-shirt. After that, I found a black shirt with red polka dots. After I was changed, I went downstairs to eat breakfast.
“Violet is that you?” My mom said.
“Yeah mom,” I answered with a sigh. I searched the cabinets for something that was actually good to eat. When i finally found out that Fruity Pebbles was the best we had, I made myself a bowl.As I was scarfing down the pebbles and milk, I watched T.V.
“In a hurry?” My mom asked.
“Yeah, I’m going to Rachel’s house to get ready for school.” I replied quickly. Rachel have been my friend from first grade.
“Bye Mom!” I said, throwing the bowl into the sink. I heard glass shatter.
“Oops!” I said running out of the house.

“Rachel’s House”

Yeah, Me going over to Rachel’s house was a big lie. I just didnt want to be stuck my house all day, bored as heck. As i opened the car door, I knew I was going to get pulled over for underage driving. I was only 15. So then, I just shut the door and started to walk to Kristen’s house.Kristen’s mom and my mom have been friends since they were kids. So have Kristen and I. Kristen lives a couple of miles from my house.As I was walking to her house, I noticed alot of animals staring at me. I was a little creeped out so I started to run to her house. About 15 minutes later, I was out of breath, knocking on her door.
“Hey– Violet?” Kristen said.
“Yeah, Hey–Can I come in?” I asked, still out of breath.
” Um, Yeah, What’s wrong?” She asked.
“I saw alot of animals staring at me and it creeped me out so I started to run.” I said quietly.
“Wanna go 4-wheeling?” Kristen said happily.
” KRISTEN! You know my mom will KILL me!” I said, almost screaming.
” So? My Mom’s at work, and your mom’s not here!” She said.
“True, I guess–”I started to say until she cut me off.
” THEN LETS GO!” she said, excited.I felt like something horrible was going to happen, like someone was going to get hurt.Kristen walked to the shed, where the 4-wheelers were. One was red and black, the other yellow and black. Right then, something didnt feel right.

I have alot more but, I am too lazy to write it right now!! lolz.. Is it good?? :P
well, long story short, she gets in a crash. the girl turns 16 and turns into a werewolf..lolzz i didnt type what i wrote.. otherwise, it would be WAY better!! lol
It’s called a Werewolf’s Secret