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So Long, Bannatyne/#10

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  • If you don’t want to read a review from a huge Guess Who fan, then take a walk – cuz this one’s comin’ from a diehard. I can still be objective despite being a big fan of Burton and the boys, but I love these two albums and I’m not gonna criticize something I like (a lot). Everyone already knows how great ‘Rain Dance’ and ‘Sour Suite’ are from SO LONG BANNATYNE, so no need beatin’ my drum about those songs. The true test of an album is whether its worth listening to after you get past the hits that make it onto the multi-numerous Guess Who re-packagings that appear in the marketplace year-after-year. These two albums pass the test easily. BANNATYNE boasts some great songs like ‘She might Have Been a Nice Girl’ – ‘Pain Train’ – the title track – ‘Grey Day’ – and ‘Life in the Bloodstream.’ Even ‘Fiddlin’ and ‘One Man Army’ — albeit sort of goofy, are fun songs.

    #10 is an album that is greatly underrated, and is my personal favorite Guess Who album. ‘Glamour Boy’ is an outstanding track, with Burton lashing out at the state of the music industry in 1973. David Bowie was championing androgyny at the time and Burton (probably decked out in a flannel shirt or hockey jersey) laments the ability to make the big bucks by “looking like a woman tonight.” I’ve never really understood the “Ricky & the Balloons” interlude in the middle of the song, which seems to make it lose its momentum, but still a great track. ‘Take it Off My Shoulders’ and ‘Lie Down’ are terrific country-influenced tunes. The real gem on this album, however, is ‘Miss Frizzy.’ Frizzy is a fast-paced rocker that is totally infectious and a fun listen. Check this one out folks, it’s great! I even love the cover of #10 – finally a plain & simple photo of the band, with Burton Cummings the centerpiece (which is only right; afterall, B.C.’s voice is what that band was all about anyway). #10 finishes up with the great ‘Just Let Me Sing’ which is probably all Cummings ever wanted to do.

    Don’t miss this two-pack folks – it’s well worth what you’ll pay for it.

    Posted on February 23, 2010