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So Long, Bannatyne/#10

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  • Hey, kids, I can only speak for this two-fer of “Bannatyne/10″ (haven’t heard the other three reissues), but this doesn’t sound so bad to my rock-blasted ears. The drums do indeed sound boxy, but that’s just like they did back in the day, 1971-1973. On my office system (a Bose, but nothing fancy), the bass is generally well defined on “Bannatyne,” and other than some extra crispy cymbals on the otherwise excellent “One Man Army,” I have no real problems with the sound quality, and I certainly didn’t have to change my normal settings to enjoy. In short, don’t let overstated mastering complaints dissuade you from what are two pretty rockin’ albums that have been out of circulation for way too long. Any disc with “Sour Suite” on it is automatically granted four stars in my book. A totally underrated band that never seems to get its proper due, although my man Lester Bangs sure liked ‘em, and I’m glad they got their props in “Almost Famous.” Growing up in Detroit and listening to Windsor’s CKLW, I was convinced they were as huge as, say, The Beatles or something (because every single got pumped due to the Canadian content rule), and I dug mightily every single single, but their albums always seem to have four or five great sleepers that reward the careful listener. Welcome back, “Bannatyne/10.”

    Posted on February 23, 2010