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So Long, Bannatyne/#10

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  • Well, I was very excited when these essential Guess Who albums finally came out on CD. They were the best rock band ever from Canada, and I think that Burton Cummings has one of the most beautiful voices in the history of rock. Now, as far as these reissues go, I got 3 of the 4 all at once and I am not convinced that was such a good idea. The artwork is really nice, but nothing mind-blowing. Basically, you get pretty much all of the artwork from the original LP issues with song lyrics, but nothing more….no extended liner notes, interviews, or any sort of extra pictures (which is always kind of neat to get). That’s ok though, because the booklets are laid out nicely. NOW, the issue of the mastering: I don’t have super high-end equipment, but I don’t exactly have garbage either and I can see where the other reviewers for some of the other titles from this series are coming from with the issue of the sound. I don’t think that it is as horrible as one of the reviewers wrote, but there is most certainly something not right with the low end here. You do have to crank up the bass or push in that loudness button to get the low end, and then is does sound like there could have been some more definition. The high end is pretty up there as well (maybe a little too much). I could see that if you do have really high-end audio gear, these would kinda sound like you know what. If you don’t, you can probably live with it, seeing how long we all have waited for these. I would like to hear the old CD issues of these and compare the mastering with them. If anyone out there can do this, let us know what you think. All and all, it is a bit disappointing and I really wish they could have done a better job with the sound, but I think that it is still great to have these wonderful albums.

    Posted on February 23, 2010