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  • ….there would still be a band around called Atrophy. Now I know what a lot of you are going to thing right off the bat: These guys aren’t any good. That’s a very unfair judgement considering most of the people who are of that opinion didn’t give them but a cursory glance.

    I have been listening to thrash since ‘84 and heard more than my fair share of the good and the bad, and in my humble (ha ha) opionion Atrophy is one of the few bands whose cds I still own, because they are still as fine today as they were back then. The riffs are tight, the lyrics are still relevant, and even though it’s not heaviest out there, it’s still more than adequate for me.

    If you call yourself a fan of the genre, or if you’re looking into becoming a fan, give Atrophy a/another chance to kick your ass and add your name to the, hopefully, ever growing list of fans.


    Posted on December 19, 2009