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Someone in Control

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  • First off, I can never review a CD right away. No way. I have to wait a while. I have to hear it all, read it all, and absorb everything that a band has to offer. After hearing Stand Up on the radio the first time, I was not hooked right away, it actually took awhile for me to like it because it sounded like Headstrong or Echo. But after actuallly reading the lyrics and seeing the whole album for the first time in my hand after I bought it, It clicked. Now don’t get me wrong, their self tittled first cd was down right brilliant, and the best cd you could ask for from a “who the heck are these guys…what?..they were still in high school when they recorded this…and have a possible platinum album someday” band. Yes. That is Trapt. Their sophmore cd is a great follow up. No where near their first, but hands down way above average then a normal band that just couldn’t produce a solid second cd. They are in conntrol, and have nowhere to go but up. I seen them open for Default and Nickelback, and they definantly got me hooked on all their songs. I’m always worried that these “more popular” bands that people always know because of their hits off the radio, won’t step it up and perform. Oh but they did. They put on a great show, and everybody liked them. Definantly fun seeing live. Back to their cd Someone in Control. Other then Stand Up (it will get you hooked), Lost Realist, Bleed Like Me, Disconnected, Victim, and Waiting are all going to get you in a mood that only Trapt can create. Hats off to Trapt to a solid 2nd release. Trapt fans will be impressed, other people will shrug their shoulders and say “Hey, their just another band that sounds the same trying to get the popular demand.” No way. That is not Trapt. They are in a group by theirselves. Be in control and buy this album. If you don’t have their first album, that IS a must have before this one.

    Posted on November 30, 2009