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Someone in Control

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  • This is the follow up to the 2002 release. This album is exceptional and the best the North Californian young band has come up with so-far. With only one listen of ‘Someone In Control’ I was hooked. Maybe initially it was the CD artwork that pictured a working class man who seemed to have it all, on his bed with his head in his hands. For me this picture could have depicted me. How many times have we felt not in control of our lives, of our family, of our work? This album was made for the working man and woman and I will explain why.

    It is quite unique to find an album with the first 3 songs pretty much the best in the album. ‘Disconnected’ deals with how each of us can feel apart, out of touch with our loved one’s, our friends and colleagues. The lyrics are sung gracefully and full of meaning with the abtuse deep rock riffs in the background. ‘Waiting’ and ‘Victim’ are songs for the working man/woman. The lyrics depict a person who falls victim to a unfeeling/uncaring working society.

    Another great song is ‘Lost Realist’ that is a song based on our morals and how they stand up to today’s reality. Are we going to stand by our morals or succumb to the flavour of the month? This song asks the listener to think and reflect on what we term ‘reality’.

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable album with a great message of hope and reflection within its lyrics and Trapt have earned my respect in their approach. Through the on the road experience they are trying to impart what they have shared and learned to their fans. There are no mindless lyrics here. This album is great. Nothing is skin deep.

    This CD is for any rock fan and especially for die hard Trapt fans.

    Posted on November 30, 2009