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Something Like Human

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  • “…and prove to me… you’re SOMETHING LIKE HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    As the sun dawns on another day, we can all take comfort in knowing that there is one band out there that never fails to create emotionally tangible music, a band we all know as FUEL.

    In the year of our Lord 2000, FUEL made an album that proves something so much more than human, and in 2003 the band came back to make sure we hadn’t forgotten it. With the band’s most recent album released, their previous works have now been re-issued, featuring new artwork, new tracks, and of course, new little stickers all over the packaging!

    There are three more songs tacked onto the original 12-track album, the first being the wonderful acoustic rendition of ‘Hemorrhage (in my hands)’. This was the version mainly heard on the radio, and though the album version and this acoustic track are basically exactly alike, there is something so much more real and lovely to the acoustic version… though I couldn’t really tell just what that ’something’ is. Long story short, this song is to DIE for(not really, but I think you get the picture).

    The next two bonus tracks are great acoustic covers that FUEL often plays at their shows, the first being a song written by the 70s-era Elton John called ‘Daniel’. I seriously LOVE this song. The guitar sounds so intricately simple and beautiful, and Brett’s voice is so lovely with this melody that it automatically FEELS like a FUEL song… even though it’s quite different from their usual stuff.

    The same could be said for the last track ‘Going to California’, a LED ZEPPELIN cover, obviously. The vocals, the song writing, the melodies are just all impeccable, and I love hearing FUEL play the songs that they enjoy and have fun with. Very good music, my friends.

    The new artwork really isn’t all that new, it being the same metallic face from the original record, just with different organization. The new SUNBURN artwork is *much* cooler

    So all in all, some great additions to the album that let you see a little more of what FUEL is interested in, and it’s a great way to commemorate the release of FUEL’s latest album, “Natural Selection”. If you’re interested in getting this new version of “Something Like Human”, go for it: I saw it at Wal-Mart for less than $10! If you’ve already got the original, it’d probably be better to just borrow it from someone to get the new tracks. IF YOU’RE A FRIKIN DIE-HARD, GET IT NOW AND ASK NO QUESTIONS!!!!!!!!

    Posted on February 22, 2010