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Somewhere in Time

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  • This is the most complete Maiden album ever! Every song could appear on a “Best Of” album of theirs (which makes me wonder why they don’t…) because each song is so full of melody, epic grandeur, and complex musicianship. Many of Iron Maiden’s fans that have been around since the beginning usually mark Powerslave as their last great album, but that’s just foolish. Somewhere In Time is their best album, followed by 7th Son of a 7th Son. Here is how i rate every song:Caught Somewhere In Time – excellent, fast opening track with lots of synths! 10/10Wasted Years – melodic, beautiful, great solo, great chorus 9.5/10Sea Of Madness – one of Maiden’s heaviest tracks! 9/10Heaven Can Wait – this is such a fun song, I can’t help but smile everytime I hear it 9.5/10The Lonliness Of The Long Distance Runner – if it weren’t for the cheesey lyrics, this song would go down as one of their best ever, but otherwise, it’s still a great song 9/10Deja Vu – very interesting lyrics and a slower paced song then the rest of the album…excellent, one of the best! 10/10Stranger In A Strange Land – best song on the album! just listen to that solo!! 10/10Alexander The Great – epic, epic, epic! not only do you get a fantastic epic song, but you also get a history lesson in just 8 minutes! 10/10There you have it, Maiden’s finest hour

    Posted on November 11, 2009