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Somewhere on the Otherside of Nowhere

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Powerman 5000 first came together in the early ’90’s, and has issued such futuristic sc-fi metal classics as 1995’s ’The Blood Splat Rating System’, 1999’s million-selling ’Tonight The Stars Revolt’, 2001’s ’Anyone For Doomsday?’, 2003’s ’Transform’ and 2006’s ’Destroy What You Enjoy’. In addition Spider and company has performed along side Marilyn Manson and as part of Ozzfest. Powerman 5000 has retained a massive and dedicated fan base worldwide as evidenced by the first lead off single ’Super Villain’ scanning over 15K downloads since it’s release.

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  • with a dash of Mega Kung-Fu Radio. They’re back! I gotta tell ya, as soon as “Show Me What You Got” started blasting, I was transported back to 1999–it was like listening to “Supernova Goes Pop.”

    This is what I’m talking about-PMK 5000 are back!

    I refuse to listen to the “Destroy What You Enjoy” disc after seeing the Wild World video, it was pretty painful seeing my sci-fi band turn into an emo band. I’m glad they got rid of Terry Corso from Alien Ant Farm, he was the wrong fit for the band. PMK 5000 have re-grouped, re-focused, and are ready to drop some nukes on the fans.

    If you get a chance to see the video for the first single “Super Villain” you’ll even see various homages to their past sci fi work.

    Honestly, I think this album is better than Rob Zombie’s Hellbilly Deluxe 2, and I bought them both at the same time.

    Strap yourself in, this album will transport you!

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I enjoy this album much more than TTSR (I just picked it up used at FYE – not very impressed). This album is very energetic and fun and one of the most addictive albums I heard in 2009, PM5k does a great set here without being overly theatrical or aping anyone else’s style. I had not previously heard any of the singles so this album was all new to me. 5 stars.

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Dynamite album. Extremely catchy and fun in the traditional PM5K Rockets & Robots format. I really dig that Spider tries something new and different with each CD (The punk-influenced Destroy What You Enjoy is highly underrated and one the best releases of 2006). A paradox perhaps, but keep reading, true believers.

    Even though this CD is a return to the days when Stars Revolted and Doomsdays with A-bomb tracks like “Super Villain,” “V is for Vampire,” and “Show Me What You’ve Got,” this is a different, perhaps more vulnerable Iron Giant than we’ve seen in the past. Just listen to the title track and you’ll hear what I mean.

    Give this album a spin and I promise you, you won’t be disappointed. And their live show is better than ever with plenty of surprises. Just please don’t punch Spider in the nethers like the wasted dude in the Rammstein shirt did at the Whisky.

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • fans of Powerman 5000’s releases: Tonight The Stars Revolt! and Anyone For Doomsday? you will definitely love this album. though it only consists of 9 actual songs and 2 tracks which are just the intro and an interlude making the entire album 11 tracks total with the playtime being just over 33 mins it’s still worth buying the album is totally in your face the entire time and when the dust settles your left wanting MORE fiending like a vampire to blood. don’t waste another second reading reviews, and buy this CD cause you’re only a fool for having NOT ordered it already GO! GO! GO!

    Posted on February 6, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Long-time fans of Powerman 5000 can remember back in August of 2001, when the band was supposed to release their highly anticipated follow-up to “Tonight The Stars Revolt.” This new album was titled “Anyone For Doomsday?” and it featured an awesome new single called “Bombshell.” But a week before the album was due to come out, it was canceled and shelved. (For a limited time you could buy a copy from the band’s website, and it recently became available on iTunes.) PM5K’s frontman, Spider 1, decided he didn’t want the band to get stuck in a particular genre, so he reinvented the band’s sound and came out with a different album in 2003 called “Transform.” It was actually a pretty decent album, but it wasn’t exactly what the majority of fans had been waiting for. In 2006 the band released “Destroy What You Enjoy,” getting even further away from the sound that put them on the map.

    Now we finally get the album that we were hoping for! “Somewhere On The Other Side Of Nowhere” is a return to form in many ways, but it’s definitely not a step backwards. While this album is much closer to “Tonight The Stars Revolt” and “Anyone For Doomsday,” they’ve still managed to progress and keep things fresh. Songs like “Super Villain”, “Show Me What You’ve Got”, “Time Bomb Baby” and “Make Us Insane” have all the heaviness and energy of past tunes like “When Worlds Collide” or “Bombshell.” However the band doesn’t sound as dark and angry…it’s heavy, but you get the feeling they’re having fun. Other songs like “V Is For Vampire” and “Get Your Bones” are heavy but a bit slower and more gothic. “Do Your Thing” is a bit poppier and closer to more recent PM5K songs, but it’s got more energy and excitement to it. “Horror Show” is a bit of a gothic hip-hop tune that might please the fans who were there back in ‘97. So basically this album is a perfect compromise between Spider and the fans, and if it had come out back in 2001 or 2003, who knows how big the band would’ve become. Anyway, this is one of Powerman’s best albums and I highly suggest picking it up!

    Posted on February 5, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now