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Son of the Morning

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  • I got this album when it came out, and unfortunately I didn’t really listen to it. I wasn’t really in the mindset to listen to it. After listening to their debut, When I Am God a few more times since I bought this album, I decided to take a good listen. How is this band not more popular?

    With all the trivial, repetitive garbage on the airways these days, this album stands out as a masterpiece. Yes, it’s soaked with religion but that’s no reason to turn away an album. There can be spirituality without religion, and these inspired lyrics give that lift.

    Certainly, the best part of this album are in fact the lyrics. The lyrics are poetic, full of emotion and give a valid message. That’s not to say that any other part of this album is weak. The musicianship is remarkable and my favorite upgrade from When I Am God is the drumming.

    Listen to this album. Regardless of what you like genre-wise. Yes, it’s heavy, but it’s heavy for a reason. It’s not heavy just to be bound to a genre, it’s heavy because of the sheer emotion that is put into this album.

    Posted on December 24, 2009