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Songs For The Deaf (Limited Edition w/ Bonus DVD)

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  • If you think “Corporate” and “rock” are two words that should never go together, then you should thank God for Queens of the Stone Age, one of the few bands keeping rock interesting. Although their first two albums were both terrific, this one is the culmination of all QOTSA have done in the past. Indeed, “Songs for the Deaf” seems to be a combination of the riff-heavy stoner metal of the debut and the eclectic, experimental approach of “Rated R.” The result: an album chock full of twisted guitars, trippy vocals, and eccentric song structures, sure to please even the most discriminating rock fan.The album fires out of the gate with the roaring “You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire,” which gives me an uncontrollable urge to turn my car into a one-man mosh pit. From there, the goods come quickly, as the first five songs are all no less than terrific. “No One Knows” and “A song for the Dead” boast two of the most likeably wacky time signatures in recent rock memory. Much publicized addition Dave Grohl gets to show off his drum chops on the hard-driving “First it Giveth,” while “The Sky is Fallin’” combines a heavy riff and laid-back vocals to great effect. Later, “Go With The Flow” introduces a pounding piano beat into the mix, and the result is just spectacularly infectious. “Do It Again” and “God is in the Radio,” meanwhile, boast grooves so deep you could fall into them. I know I’ve mentioned just about every song by now, but they’re all just so damn good it’s hard to single any out. The guitars are great, and the bands multi-vocalist approach gives you a variety of sounds to chew on.Now this isn’t pop, and if you’re the kind of person who forms an opinion about a song within one minute of the first listen, “Songs for the Deaf” might not be for you. But with a little close listening, it’s pretty easy to settle into a groove. “Songs for the Deaf” is one of those rare rock albums that actually get better with time, and manage to hold your attention all the way through.

    Posted on January 15, 2010