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Songs to Make Love To

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  • This is pretty much exactly what a cd with a postcard-like picture of rhinos humping in the sunset should sound like: Strange. Funny… Dare I say, sexy? Ok, not sexy. What we get here is the band’s gloriously straight rendition of The Commodores’ “Easy”, which proves once and for all that if the whole Ipecac/being in 20 million different bands thing doesn’t work out, Mike Patton could have a viable carreer singing on showboats and casinos with that smooth croon of his, an oddly hillarious Elvis-ified rendition of The Dead Kennedy’s “Let’s Lynch The Landlord”, the well-performed version of the “Midnight Cowboy” theme already available on Angeldust, and “Das Shutzenfest”, a bizarre stab at german-language polka that actually turns out to be about meeting a woman at a shooting festival and making love near the pig trough. It’s probably not worth your money if you have the version of Angeldust with “Easy” as a bonus track and the Virus 100 Dead Kennedys tribute, since you then own 3/4 of the EP, but if this isn’t the case, it’s at least worth considering for “Easy” itself.

    Posted on December 14, 2009