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Sonic Brew

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  • This is necessity if you are a music fan. One of the greatest albums ever. The guitar playing is insane! I love the vocals, and the drums…the drums absolutely are perfect. This Phil Ondich fella sure knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t overplay, or underplay…and it’s all pure talent. I don’t have to say much on Zakk, we all know and love his music. This cd is just Zakk and his drinking buddy Philth. They are great on this cd as well as Stronger Than Death, the followup. The live album that Zakk released is horrible. The new drummer is absolutely horrible, I don’t know why he hired that guy…It ruins the whole live album. Get this one, it’s the best! Don’t forget to check out Zakk’s acoustic solo album “Book Of Shadows” also for some superb music…could have been up there with one of the greats, but due to lack of promotion….ah we know the story. 10 Stars. Sonic Brew SLAMS!

    Posted on November 17, 2009