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Sonic Temple

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  • How can you ever hope to follow up a masterpiece like Electric? That was one of the all time best hard rock albums ever, easily the best Cult album ever. So how did The Cult follow up their milestone of an album, with another amazing album. While Sonice Temple might not have as many classics as Electric and not all the songs are as good as on Electric Sonic Temple is still one of the very best hard rock/heavy metal albums to come out of the 1980’s.

    The Cult is one of those bands that to me can’t totaly be placed into one catagory or genra. Their style is early 1980’s New Wave meets heavy metal of the 1970’s and the result of those two styles is one very good rock band. Ian Astburys voice is something of Glen Danzig meets Jim Morrison of the legendary Doors, and the mans voice is nothing short of amazing. Billy Duffy’s guitar playing is always amazing, the man is truly one of the most underrated musicians/song wrighters of all time. Jamie Stewart is also one hell of a bass player. Most of the songs by The Cult would be lost without his playing. The whats more impressive about this band is that they have no drummer! Yeah you read correct no drummer, crazy huh?

    Sonic Temple is full of guitar driven bluesy hard rock. ‘Fire Woman’ is one of the bands all time best songs, and it has one of their best chorus’ as well. ‘American Horse’ is a song that was never released as a single but should have been because it would have easily been a massive rock hit. The albums big single ‘Sweet Soul Sister’ was not only one of the bands biggest hits if not the biggest but it is also one of the bands best songs period. The chorus is great, nice vocals, killer guitar solo by Duffy and the lyrics are perfect, I just cant beleave a band from England wrote a song the sounds so L.A. The only song on this album that I think I could have dont without is ‘Edie (Ciao Baby)’ because I just dont think the song is that good and it doest really fit in with the rest of the album.

    Sonic Temple is to The Cult as Goats Head Soup is to The Rolling Stones. The both came out after the bands biggest and best albums so they sometimes get bad reps, more so Goats Head Soup but the point is this is not an album you can measure to Electric it has to be appreciated as its own excelent album, and excelent it is!

    Posted on February 25, 2010