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Sons of Northern Darkness

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  • I am a huge fan of a wide range of metal styles, but never liked anything referred to as “black metal”. I happened to read an article on Immortal, thought they looked a little silly with the makeup, but decided to check out a few sound clips to see what the big deal was. I ended up buying the CD and was surprised at how much I love it! No keyboards and a great mix of fast and slow tempos give these songs just the right kick that should satisfy any death metal fan (not limited to “black metal” fans!). Abbath’s growl and unbelievably fast and tight guitar playing make this CD a must-have for anyone who loves real metal (The drumming is amazing as well – I gotta see this guy!). I have since bought 3 other Immortal CD’s and look forward to seeing them live here in North America. This will probably go down as my surprise favorite of 2002!

    Posted on December 3, 2009