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Sons of Northern Darkness

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  • I had a chance to see them in Chicago with Halford and I failed to go…Little did I know that it would be my last chance to see one of my most highly revered bands! Curse me to hell!!!Anyway…The CD…Yes, an awesome sounding finale to their repertoire of music. As already stated, the guitars really stand out and sound very good. Excellent production all around. This is my favorite Immortal album, although they are ALL worth having in your collection. Is it black metal? Who cares??? We get so damn tied up into labels and categories that it becomes a detriment…Just listen and decide: Do I like it? If so, then let it be! It truly is a very heavy CD and if you like Immortal, you should love this one!So sad they are gone. Nothing in this world ever lasts…Abbath shares some vocals on the new Dimmu Borgir (Death Cult Armageddon – get it) CD though.

    Posted on December 3, 2009