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Soul of a New Machine

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  • Here is a good example of a Remaster. When ‘Fear Factory’ first came around in 91/92, they hadn’t yet mastered the craft of production values. I’ll admit maybe due to lack of funding by their new home Roadrunner Records. However, this changed when “Demanufacture” came out in 1995. They now had top notch production, and I always wished that “SOANM” would sound similar. In 2002, Roadrunner released “Concrete”. This was indeed the bands first true album produced with Ross Robinson. It shared several songs with “SOANM”, and the production was very raw. So still I was not content with what I had. Well earlier this year I caught wind of the Remastered version of “SOANM”. I have to say with the product in hand, I’m very happy. I loved how they added “Fear Is A Mind Killer”, even though it hardly had any input by ‘Fear Factory’. It was mainly a remix album helmed by ‘Front Line Assembly’ members, and released in 1993. I love the way the package looks. “SOANM” is a white on white disc, where “FIAMK” is a black on black disc. They contrast a lot better than the originals. The sound quality is a lot more sharp, and clear. So in my eyes it deserves the 5 out of 5 I’ve given to it. However if your not a die hard fan of ‘Fear Factory’ or jumped on the “Archetype” bandwagon stay away. It will not be worth your money. Let us real fans buy it…

    Posted on February 10, 2010