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Soul of a New Machine

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  • In 1992, Roadrunner Records released the major label debut of a little known quartet called Fear Factory was released. Produced by famed death metal producer Colin Richardson (who produced Machine Head’s classic debut “Burn My Eyes”), “Soul of a New Machine” not only introduced Fear Factory to the world, but helped usher in a new era in the metal genre, for better or worse. Combining the low end assault of death metal, some industrial rhythms, and some grindcore elements to boot, “Soul of a New Machine” isn’t Fear Factory’s finest hour (that belongs to “Demanufacture”), but songs like “Martyr”, “Scapegoat”, and “Scumgrief” were only a taste of things to come from the band. Arguably one of the best debut metal albums to come out of Los Angeles, “Soul of a New Machine” is here, repackaged with the “Fear is the Mindkiller” EP as a bonus disc, and if your getting into the band and don’t already own “Soul of a New Machine”, then you should definitely pick this up.

    Posted on February 10, 2010