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Soulside Journey

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  • Anyone who says darkthrone are amazingly talented is lying.Anyone who believes them is an idiot.No dakthrone are not amazingly talented they make god awful noise and scream blasphemy.And thats the way it should be.Remember back in the early 90s before 14 year old kids in Lamb of God shirts went to slipknot shows and called themselves metal?If you do you would already own this,If you dont why are you wanting a darkthrone Cd?.This is not so much the Black metal they are nowadays reknowned for this is somewhere in between black/Death and doom metal.Its nothing special its your basic mid tempo metal with the odd change and some twisted lyrics.I think its more for those who want a piece of black metal history than those who want some brutal black metal.More of a collectors album i say. (opeth satanic? WTF?)

    Posted on January 10, 2010