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Soulside Journey

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  • I’ve heard a lot of jibberish about Darkthrone being this amazingly talented black metal band. No, they’re just some goons who wear funny makeup and play mediocre riffs and shout out infantile punk lyrics. To be fair, they don’t suck, but they’re nowhere on the level of Burzum. Pagan metal will always be better than satanic metal, because heathens have nothing to prove as far as image goes. The only good satanic bands there were (Opeth not included) are Emperor and Ulver. Darkthrone is just trying to scare Judeo-Christians with their ‘brootal’ BM. It’s pretty sad when a band spends more time painting their face for their album’s photo shoot than they do composing the songs. Save your money and buy music from a band that’s not suffering from an incurable case of (…)envy.

    Posted on January 10, 2010