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Sound of Perseverance

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  • This is metal the way it was meant to be: fast, melodic, complicated, angry, and ultra-heavy. The musicianship on this album is even better than on their last few albums — something which I would have thought impossible had I not heard it with my own ears. Not only that, but these songs are some of the most catchy that Chuck has written, and that’s saying a lot. Chuck’s voice sounds great too — if you’re into death metal vocals — and the lyrics are intelligent and unique (and, like someone has already written below, not satanic/blasphemous, which for me is a plus). Death is definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill death metal band. These guys stand alone at the top of the mountain. I really wish that they’d get recognition on a much larger scale. They deserve it for (1) being brilliant, and (2) having the guts to play awesome music like this in a world where most people are much too stupid and/or closed-minded to at least give stuff like this a chance. If you don’t buy this album NOW, then you’re really missing out!

    Posted on February 15, 2010