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Sound Of White Noise

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  • Well, Let’s go through a quick rundown here: With the Sound of White Noise, Anthrax brought a lot of new tricks to the table. First being a new lead singer. John Bush’s voice brought a whole new dimension to the band. His deeper, fuller voice does the band’s heavy sound much more justice than Joey Belladona’s higher pitched wails did. With “White Noise”, Anthrax slowed things down a bit. Previously a speed-metal outfit, they are now much more (dare I say it) “Sabbath like”. Don’t get me wrong, there are NO power ballads or sappy love songs on here. In fact the closest thing would be “Black Lodge”. It’s very creepy and makes good use of “whammy” effects. It’s almost like theme music for an offbeat western film. Very supernatural sounding. Things are sped up quite a bit with tunes such as Hy Pro Glo and Potters Field, but when compared to the “old” Anthrax, this is much more palatable. I’m sure that many of the hardcore Belladona fans did not appreciate this album too much. For them, “Live: the Island Years” was released around the same time as this one. While I love the earlier Anthrax, I believe that their “Bush” days are the best and most consistent. I have rambled way too long here so I’m gonna answer my own question. “Is this the best metal album ever?” I believe it is. It has enough power house riffs and attitude to satisfy ANY headbanger. Also “Stomp 442″ is one to check out. I believe this to be Anthrax’s most solid album to date.

    Posted on February 4, 2010