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Sound Of White Noise

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  • After building a name for themselves amongst the thrash world in the 1980’s and helping to pioneer the rap-rock crossover with Public Enemy in 1991, Anthrax were at the peak of their career. The problem with this, though, is that the band had a lot at stake (and a lot to live up to) when the time came to record their sixth studio album (which was also their first with singer John Bush) in 1993. But Anthrax weathered the storm and released “Sound of White Noise,” an album which isn’t just another great `Thrax record, but arguably the best of their career! Even though there aren’t any shout-alongs on this album, every song is superbly catchy and highly energetic. Plus, “Sound of White Noise” really captures Anthrax’s classic sound: fast, chainsaw riffs, chunky, churning rhythms, wailing guitar solos, speed punk beats, and fairly melodic vocals. “Black Lodge” is a big standout track. It’s much slower than the other songs, but it’s not a typical, depressing ballad because Anthrax add their own ingredients to it (like spaghetti-western guitars and synthesizers). Other standout tracks include “Only,” “Hy Pro Glo,” “1000 Points of Hate,” the very speedy ninth track, and “Burst” (which features machine gun riffs and a wah-wah solo). Granted, because this disc is eleven tracks and fifty-six minutes in length, some of the songs are overly long, but other than that, there is nothing to dislike here. All thrash and Anthrax fans are highly encouraged to add “Sound Of White Noise” to their collections.

    Posted on February 5, 2010