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Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

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  • As a fan of Slayer who did not own too many of their releases I thought that this was an excellent purchase for the price, though I do not neccessarily think that thats the case with those who own all or even most of Slayer’s releases.

    The greatest hits portion of this collection, the first two CD’s, is an excellet summary of Slayer’s career and the main reason that I purchased it. It offes some of the best songs from Slayer’s post-Metal Blade releases, which means no studio versions of any songs from Show No Mercy or Hell Awaits, though it does feature live versions of songs from those records from Decade of Aggression.. There are five songs each from most of their CD’s, though their three releases after Divine Intervention only have three each. There are also a few extra songs, two from the Japanese release of Diabolus and two from the Japenese release of God Hates Us All, the latter being two excelent tracks, “Adict” and “Scarstruck”. I could have done without the song with Ice-T, and the song “Memories of Tomarrow” (which I think is from the Bride of Chucky” soundtrack) was alrigt, though nothing special.

    The third CD features live material. There are a few live versions of songs on the first two CD’s, but the more enjoyable songs are the early versions of “Raining Blood” and South of Heaven” taken from Jeff’s home recordings as well as live versions of a few songs not on the first two disks. The song with Atari Teenage Riot was pretty awful to be honest, but on the whole, this live CD is a welcome, if not spectacular, addition to the box set.

    The four disk is a DVD with live performances (including some Show No Mercy tunes at a concert in 1983) and a few extra features like Slayer winning the “Heaviest Band Award” and a short video about the making of Diabolus. Its also a welcome addition to the boxset, though people who own other live Slayer material might not be too impressed as it doesn’t offer too much thats unique.

    The set also comes with a 72 page booklet, which is a quick though enjoyable read about the band’s history and music. Its full of pictures of and quotes from the band, and further enhances the collection.

    I would recommend this box set to any Slayer fan who doesn’t own very many of their CD’s as its a nice summary of their work. People with a complete or near complete Slayer collection should probably only get this if they need to have everything put out by Slayer, or if they really want the few extra goodies it offers, as it doesn’t really have too much to offer thats completely new. A good box set overall, and certainly welcomed by those like myself who don’t want to spend too much completeing our Slayer collections.

    Posted on November 28, 2009