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Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

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  • Really 4 1/2 Stars…

    Well, I had only heard little bits of Slayer but did not own any. I saw the Soundtrack to the Apocalypse in stores and it was expensive, but I bought in anyway. Well, I loved it! There are only a few bands on earth that can bring this much intensity to your ears. Angel of Death is an amazing track, and I could say that about every one, except for a few off of Undisputed Attitude and Divine Intervention, plus a few of the Bonus tracks. The first two CD’s are the Best Of, but the origional Metal Blade Recordings are not here (there is three live MB tracks though). Every song is great, intense, violent, and FAST!!! Then third CD is where this Box Set loses some value. The tracks are OK but the sound quality generally sucks, and the Necrophiliac Intro. could have been left out. The Video stuff is cool, but the quality is only mediocre at best on some of the earler recordings. The packaging is very nice and the very large booklet is extremely coo, it can make you a Slayer expert in under 30 minutes. Buy this, it is well worth the money and you will play it a lot.
    Another Note: The bottom of the first three discs are all black, a very cool touch!

    Posted on November 29, 2009