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Soundtrack to the Apocalypse

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  • First of all – this is not the be all and end all of box sets. But this regular version is far from being a rip off (I even got it for only $39). Obviously, this set is a better deal for people who do not have all of their previous releases. But there is also some other stuff that hasn’t been released before on the rarities disc and DVD that I think is worth having.Let’s break it down disc by disc.Disc 1: This is a ‘best of’ studio track CD going from Reign in Blood through Season in the Abyss, plus three tracks from Decade of Aggression. I never bought Decade of Aggression so at least there is something on it that is not duplicates of what I already own.Disc 2: ‘Best of’ from Divine Intervention through God Hates Us All, plus studio tracks from soundtracks and Japan releases. I never bought Undisputed Attitude or Diabolus in Musica. There are 14 tracks on this one that I don’t have.Disc 3: Audio rarities. Range from raw recordings from the very early days in 1983 to recent live cuts from God Hates Us All. Two of the most interesting cuts are from Jeff Hanneman’s home recordings that give you an idea how Raining Blood and South of Heaven were fleshed out from the original concept. I could do without the ‘maggot story’ included with Necrophiliac and the track with Atari Teenage Riot.Disc 4 (DVD): This is great. Some of it is pretty raw but you really get to see how the band has evolved from four inexperienced guys wearing eyeliner crowded onto a small club stage to the precisely executed chaotic auditorium shows of today. Please note that this DVD is primarily for the historical value for interested fans. If you want a top-quality concert performance with excellent audio and sound quality, get the War at the Warfield DVD.The 72-page booklet also adds some value. It has some interesting anecdotes and is more than a generic rehash of the band’s official bio.So, if you only own a couple Slayer CDs this set should provide a cheaper alternative to getting the entire back catalog. If you have all the studio albums it depends how bad you want to hear the rare stuff and view the DVD. I think its worth it.

    Posted on November 28, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now