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Soundtrack to Your Escape

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  • First off let me say just listen to this album yourself from a friend or through buying it or w/e before making an opinion about it. This album along with Reroute to Remain took a lot of trash from old school In Flames fans who felt that In Flames sold out with this album. While I cannot deny the elements of sell out within their newer music neither can I deny the blant fact that they were looking to make something new not Jester Race 2 or Clayman 2 and also they went somewhat experimental. This album is most certainly not like their older work yes melody is still here for sure but the instrumentals have taken a backseat I would say or sort of share the spotlight with Anders vocals. The album has some killer tracks and then lacks in others. Listen for yourself one things for certain its a change from their older work but it is still deff good music however deff not something I listen to a whole lot. But still good the polished production is at times very very lovely and at other times just annoying. I personally liked the album and thought it was good. Its just not a mind blowing classical like their earlier releases. Lets leave it at this, In Flames will be remembered for Jester Race, Whoracle and not this album but that doesnt mean this isnt still good music.

    Posted on February 8, 2010