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Soundtrack to Your Escape

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  • Apparently some people can never deal with the fact that some bands actually try to evolve their sound over time (no I’m not talking about Metallica – Load). I’ve been a fan of In Flames for 4 years now, and I still think every one of their albums deserves at least 4 stars.

    STYE is a continuation of what the band tried with RTR. Nu-metal? Hardly. For one, it doesn’t suck like any of the crap I hear on the radio here in the U.S., but I do have to admit it does have some “nu-metal” type elements. These aren’t exactly bad, they add to the music. After all, who said nu-metal couldn’t be done “right”?

    This whole Korn comparison is complete BS too. I’d like to see Head (now left Korn because he found Jesus) or Munky write interludes of the same calibre Jesper and Bjorn can still write. And if you’re complaining about Anders’ vocals, apparently you didn’t hear him on Clayman or RTR. His current vocal style has been in-development for quite a few years now. There should be no surprises here!

    All-in-all, STYE is an album that has grown on me as another reviewer put it. Like many, I was skeptical of In Flames’ “newer” sound, but it’s still far superior to anything Korn, Linkin Park, System of A Down, (insert any crappy nu-metal band’s name here) can come up with.

    STYE may not be their most solid effort, but it’s still a good listen. If you can listen to this album with an open mind and not long for the days of Jester Race or Whoracle (2 very high-quality albums), then you should be able to enjoy it. Otherwise face it people, the In Flames of the “old” era don’t seem to be coming back. If you can’t deal with that, either stop listening or stop complaining!

    Best Songs: Evil In A Closet, Like You Better Dead

    Posted on February 9, 2010